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What we do

We develop high quality, custom software solutions focussing on solving problems rather than just selling a product.
In the last decade it has come to our attention that competitors would engage closely with potential clients initially, just to distance itself once a one-size-fits-all product has been delivered; or alternatively providing a product that is so overly complicated that that the client is forced into ongoing labour contracts for years. Without trying to define ourselves in oposition it became clear that the core of our business keeps coming back to three things that stand in stark contrast to the abovementioned:

Therefore we try and work close with the client to understand the business needs and provide what is needed. All development follows the AGILE methodology.

Who we are

We are a small team of contractors, working closely together. We strive to operate as a phalanx, where the team would solve a problem as one man, rather than deligating responsibility under the watchful eye of an overlord.

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